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David Wright

Thanks for checking out my development abilities. I'll assume if you're reading this you might be interested in what I could offer you or your company.

I've developed websites and web applications since completing university in 2004, in a wide range of areas spanning educational applications for students, to a national donation platform.

Typical of the modern developer, I've experienced many different languages and development methodologies which has assisted in a wide range of understanding and expertise, however, my primary focus is as a PHP developer typically using the Laravel framework.

Senior Developer

Over the years I've worked in various sized teams, heading up a technical development team for a digital agency based in London and more recently on my own as a build my own SaSS product. My work has typically been in the commercial space, however, I've also released some open source libraries on behalf of the company employing me and on a personal level. More recently I've worked with a number of Charities including London's Air Ambulance and National Funding Scheme.

I have a keen interest in motorsport, entrepreneurial activities and the evolving world of technology and I have complete respect for web designers (I'm not a designer and the themes/designs in the projects I've worked on are not my work).

Recent Projects


  • PHP5+
    • Laravel Framework
    • Symfony Framework
    • CakePHP
    • Kohana framework
  • Database development
    • MySQL / MariaDB
      • AWS RDS
      • Digital Ocean Managed Databases
      • HAProxy balancing
      • Clustering
    • MSSQL
      • Stored Procedures
      • Replication
  • Javascript
    • Vue.js
    • ReactJS
    • JQuery
    • Backbone
  • Caching
    • Varnish
    • Redis
    • Memcache
  • Testing
  • Continuous Integration Jenkins and Travis and Gitlab CI
  • Payment portal integration - SagePay, PayPoint, Stripe, PayPal and Google Checkout
  • Systems analysis and engineering
  • Database design and development
  • Web accessibility & DDA compliance standards
    • Web content accessibility guidelines
    • Web standards
  • Knowledge of PCI procedures and methods
  • Effective communicator
  • Reliable
  • Leader
  • Team player

Github repositories

  • Laravel + ReactJS Base - Latest Laravel project with ReactJS and webpack configured ready for a new project.
  • This website - Code base for this website, in Laravel using simple routes, and blade templates.


  • Booter - Simple script to setup a Linux server, useful for when Puppet isn't really required.


  • Sublime 3 + Coda 2
  • Virtualbox
  • Git / GitHub / SourceTree
  • MySQL Workbench / Sequel Pro
  • Docker
  • Gulp
  • SASS
  • Slack / Trello


I am a London-based PHP developer with over 15 years’ commercial PHP experience in bespoke, eCommerce and CMS websites like OpenCart, Wordpress, Drupal and to a lesser extent Joomla. I have a keen interest in data integration (using APIs and WebServices), and production of well formatted, readable and, maintainable code and dynamic, effective websites (using open standards, including CSS3 and HTML5).

Currently developing for my own company Coder Studios where I'm honing my PHP and SQL knowledge to build extendible and maintainable object orientated code within an MVC environment using the Laravel framework. I'm a fast learner, able to pick up new concepts and ideas quickly and use them effectively. Coupled with my effective communication skills, this ability allows me to succeed in an agile development environment.

I hope to continue building my skills, expanding them to take in a wider scope of environments and languages, and to develop my managerial skills so I can effectively manage a large development team to help support the growing projects I've started at Coder Studios and run the multiple projects simultaneously.

Some of the sites I've worked on:

Additional details

If you wish to receive a PDF of my CV please email dave { at } Alternatively you can tweet me.