David Wright

Founder & web developer @ Coder Studios London

Laravel Developer London

David Wright - Coder Studios Founder

London based, Laravel PHP developer, full time backend developer.

If you're looking for a London based PHP developer (especially using the PHP Laravel framework) to help with a Laravel / PHP project or looking for someone to take on, plan, manage and develop your product from an idea to reality, contact me at Coder Studios. This includes any #buildinpublic project, indie hacker or general web development where you might need guidance to build your app idea or startup web development into a real working web app.

Frontend Development

Using the latest CSS and HTML techniques with our without templating engines like Laravel's Blade or Twig and Javascript frameworks like Alpine.js, Next.js, JQuery, ReactJS and VueJs and CSS frameworks like TaildwindCSS or Bootstrap.

Accessibility is a key focus along with search engine optimisation techniques which typically aid user experience by default. I have over a decade of experience in making sure code is clean and complete with all the appropriate meta tags and aria labels, alt tags etc so get in touch if you want an existing site SEO reviewed or if you want to improve your SEO.

Backend Development

Utilising the best PHP practices developing with the Laravel framework, contributing to open source projects and releasing open source packages for other developers to use. Currently working on a Status Screen perfecting user experience, scalability, security and online payments whilst also developing some API's with Laravel PHP framework.

Current Laravel Projects

  • Lead developer building iDEA.org.uk
  • Laravel package project CSCMS, a starter composer package for a basic Laravel content management system. Currently in early development.
    View the Github repo

Are you a Laravel developer looking for work?

I often get asked by the clients I work with if I know any additional Laravel or Symfony developers or occasionally I'll need additional support so if you're a Laravel PHP developer drop me your CV [email protected].

Over ten years web development experience with: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQ, Debian, CentOS, Gluster, MariaDB, Alpine.js, Next.js, ReactJS, Vue.js, ES6, Webpack, SASS, node.js, Git, Jenkins, CSS, HTML5, API, Ajax, Oauth, Memcache and Redis, TailwindCSS, Vite.js